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Commercial Pressure & Steam Washing

Storefront or Business Cleaning Services

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Service Description

Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning are two of the most effective ways to clean the exterior of buildings and property. Both processes combine the use of chemicals and a high or low pressure blast of hot water to eliminate dirt, grime, grease, oil and all forms of stains that attach to your storefronts, sidewalks, garbage receptacles, walls, floors, and parking lots! Pressure washing & degreasing is a method of cleaning that involves the use of a mechanical sprayer that operates on high-pressure water to clean out dirt and stains from concrete surfaces as well as on pavers and stone. Like pressure washing, steam cleaning is a deep cleaning process that involves the use of pressure washers. Pressure washers for steam cleaning, however, require higher temperatures and are used for heavy duty cleaning jobs. Steam cleaning is great for cleaning heavy equipment, trash areas, bricks and tiles. For industrial and commercial use, it is excellent for flushing out grease and oil, for disinfecting, sterilizing, dissolving resins, clearing away chemicals and degassing. When steam cleaning is employed to clean, it effectively dislodges dirt and grime that are grounded in the substrate. It utilizes a mixture of hot water and/or a cleaning agent, which through high-pressure jets allow the solution to permeate through and loosen grime. Steam cleaning for commercial purposes always provides excellent results, particularly in for food and chemical plants where bacteria and harmful substances require thorough elimination. T

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